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    This event will be in available on Sunday 25 June, 2017.

    Variations of Pointe II - Sunday 25th June 2017 at 7.30pm

    Price:  £12.00

    Variations of Points II - JSLN Dance Company

    Sunday 25th June 2017 @ 7.30pm

    1. Spirits of Ballet

    In this series JSLN would like to recognize these lovely works that have been put together by courages choreographers between 1832 and 1910.

    The choreographers really were ahead of their time with these pieces and you will find a lot of similarities with neo-classical ballet from today, yet they were not really that recognized at that time. For this reason Sören M. Niewelt restaged parts of these works to let them come alive yet again.

    2. Mojo in Motion - Austin Powers

    Following the huge success of ‘Allo ‘Allo Niewelt decided to stage another comedy that has been a success on TV. Some of the characters and the storyline has been taken as a base to make this work entertaining, fun and exciting all expressed through his very personalized style of choreography and storytelling.

    3. Consequential Gaps

    In his new work Niewelt explores through connections that keep everything going. What happens if the handle does not open the door, and if it does what usage is there left of it after it has been opened? The thought of what happens to things or people after they fulfilled their purpose has been the motivation and inspiration for this piece.

    Exploring these ideas has been the concept and the result is exhilarating neo classical ballet at its strongest.

    (Due to a couple of potentially scary characters in Mojo in Motion this show is rated PG)

    Tickets £12 each (£10 concessions) ON SALE NOW

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    Box Office:- 01795 471140